Cactus Leather

The Intersection of Plastics and Animal Products: Exploration of the Automotive, Textile, and Packaging Industries

The Automotive Industry and Animal Products in Plastics The automotive industry plays a significant role in the global demand for plastics. From interior components to under-the-hood applications, plastics contribute to the lightweighting and fuel efficiency of vehicles. However, a less-known aspect of the plastics used in the automotive sector is the presence of animal-derived materials….

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Vegan Medecine

Unveiling the Global Impact: Animal Products in Medicines

The Global Scope of Animal Products in Medicines Animal products play a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry, serving as raw materials for various medicines. This article delves into the extensive use of animal-derived components in medicines, exploring the different raw materials employed and the impact on a global scale. Common Animal-Derived Raw Materials in…

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EVE Vegan booth at Plant Based World Expo 2023

EVE Vegan® booth iradiate the stage at Plant-Based World Expo 2023

The Plant-Based World Expo Europe 2023, a pivotal event in the realm of sustainable and compassionate living, unfolded against the backdrop of a world increasingly embracing plant-based alternatives. As the global demand for plant-based products surged, the expo became a nexus for industry players, thought leaders, and innovative companies aiming to revolutionize the way we…

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Market for certified vegan cosmetics for contract manufacturers

Contract Manufacturing & Formulation : Vegan certification for your development

Do you manufacture finished or semi-finished cosmetic or food products under white label? As a contractor or OEM, you have several levers to differentiate yourself from the competition and capture and retain your customers, recognized brands, or future brands, mass market or niche. You highlight the quality of your manufacturing, your capacity for innovation, your…

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Vegan market is an opportunity

Why EVE Vegan® offers you a unique opportunity to take full advantage of the growth of the vegan market

The market for vegan products is becoming more and more attractive, even for those who do not work exclusively in this field. In recent years, the market for vegan products has been growing steadily. Statistical studies announce a 49% increase in the value of vegan product sales in Europe in 2018 and 2021, including 11%…

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Understand the Vegan Cosmetics trend in 5 minutes with CosmedTV

In an ever-changing beauty market, the trend towards vegan cosmetics is emerging strongly. It’s against this backdrop that the Cosmed association, recognised as the leading network of companies in the cosmetics industry in France, has produced a programme dedicated to vegan cosmetics. This short video report looks at regulatory requirements, the different labels and interviews…

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Catalogue of EVE Vegan certified products

The EVE Vegan® online catalogue has been completely redesigned to meet your needs

Expertise Vegan Europe, through its EVE Vegan® certification mark, has become a benchmark in the vegan certification market. With more than 6,000 active certified products in various sectors such as food, cosmetics, textiles and many others, EVE Vegan® has acquired solid expertise in the field. EVE Vegan® has been chosen by over 800 clients worldwide who have placed their…

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EVE Vegan® at Plant Based World Expo Europe 2023: Discover our stand and dive into the vegan world of tomorrow!

Don’t miss EVE Vegan®’s participation in the largest vegan trade show Plant Based World Expo Europe! The international certification brand EVE Vegan® ; will be back as an exhibitor at this exceptional event on November 15 and 16, 2023. The vegan products sector is undergoing remarkable expansion, and this is reflected in the growing success of Plant Based World…

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Vegan cosmetics webinar 2023

Special vegan cosmetics webinar on 13 June 2023 – 11am

Are you considering vegan certification? Are you intrigued by this booming market? The official French certification body EVE Vegan® is organising a free webinar to provide you with information and advice on the vegan market and its consumers, with special content on cosmetics and personal care products. Don’t hesitate to register, this event is free….

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