Celebrating 7 years of success for EVE Vegan®

EVE Vegan celebrating 7 years of success

This September we are delighted to be celebrating 7 years since the creation of the EVE Vegan certification mark. Since its foundation, EVE Vegan has established itself as a leading certification mark in the world of veganism. This seventh anniversary is the perfect opportunity to look back and celebrate the company’s successes.

From its humble beginnings, EVE Vegan has grown exponentially to become a key player in the certification field. The brand has made its mark thanks to its commitment to animal welfare, the environment and health. In 7 years, EVE Vegan has won the trust of consumers and companies around the world, and this is a success of which we are extremely proud.

EVE Vegan’s progress and positive changes

Over the years, EVE Vegan has made a significant contribution to the transformation of industry and commerce in favour of veganism. The brand has played a key role in raising public awareness of the issues surrounding the consumption of animal products, and has encouraged many companies to review their practices to incorporate vegan alternatives.

EVE Vegan has also been at the forefront of innovation, developing a comprehensive certification standard for vegan products that integrates the quality management system for the first time. Thanks to its expertise and commitment, the brand has helped to raise industry standards, offering consumers greater transparency and better quality vegan products.

In 7 years, EVE Vegan has forged strong links with like-minded partners and organisations, reinforcing its positive impact on the world of commerce and industry. The brand has demonstrated that it is possible to reconcile commercial success with ethics, and it continues to inspire many companies to follow this path.

Future plans for EVE Vegan

As we celebrate 7 years in business, we’re excited to announce the exciting future plans for EVE Vegan. In the coming months, we plan to open up new partnerships and collaborators committed to promoting veganism and animal welfare. These partnerships will enable us to extend our influence and strengthen our positive impact on industry and commerce.

In addition, we are determined to continue innovating and developing new initiatives to promote veganism and encourage more conscious consumption. We are convinced that the next few years will be marked by new successes and new advances for EVE Vegan, and we look forward to sharing these achievements with our entire community.

In conclusion, EVE Vegan’s 7th anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate an exceptional journey marked by significant successes, positive progress and an ambitious vision for the future. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to everyone who has contributed to this wonderful adventure, and we look forward to continuing our mission in favour of mass veganism.

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