EVE Vegan® joins forces with Korea Foundation of Quality

EVE Vegan, one of the world’s most respected vegan certification brands, recently announced a new strategic collaboration with the Korean Foundation of Quality (KFQ) starting from 1 July 2024. This union marks a significant step in EVE Vegan’s ongoing commitment to ethical standards and increased transparency in the industry.

Founded on a shared vision of ethics and quality, this new association promises to further strengthen the credibility of EVE Vegan certified products on the Korean market. The Korea Foundation of Quality, renowned for its expertise in quality control and rigorous standards, is the ideal partner to support EVE Vegan’s initiatives in this fast-growing region.

A brief history of Korea Foundation of Quality (KFQ)

Founded in 1993, the Korean Foundation of Quality has emerged as a pillar of Korean industry, providing quality certification and verification services in a variety of sectors. Over the decades, KFQ has earned the trust of both domestic and international companies thanks to its unwavering commitment to excellence and its transparent approach.

The transition to this new partnership is currently being set up, with particular attention paid to communication and coordination to ensure a smooth transition. All current EVE Vegan clients will be personally informed of the procedures to be followed to ensure a smooth transition.

This collaboration between EVE Vegan and the Korea Foundation of Quality reflects both organizations’ mutual commitment to ethics, quality and customer satisfaction. Korean consumers can now count on superior service, backed by two industry leaders who share the same values.

As consumers, we are increasingly aware of the impact of our choices on animal welfare, the environment and our own health. Vegan certification plays a crucial role in providing assurance to consumers who want to choose products that are aligned with their values. With this new partnership, Korean consumers can have greater confidence in their vegan purchasing decisions, knowing that they can rely on the rigor and credibility of EVE Vegan certification, supported by the Korea Foundation of Quality.

In conclusion, the alliance between EVE Vegan and the Korea Foundation of Quality represents an important step forward for the vegan certification industry in South Korea, which is sure to be successful and positively influence consumption.