EVE Vegan® certification rise at the summit of the K-Beauty

In South Korea, the cradle of K-Beauty, a vegan revolution is underway. A true pioneer in its field, EVE Vegan® has risen to the top as the undisputed leader in vegan certification in the Korean cosmetics industry over the last 5 years. It is also continuing to develop in other industrial fields, such as the food industry and printing products.

Demanding standards that win acclaim

The secret of EVE Vegan’s success lies in its winning partnership with the Korean cosmetics industry. As the world watches with admiration the meteoric rise of K-Beauty, key players in this industry have chosen to join the EVE Vegan® certification programme, recognising the added value of certification in a market increasingly focused on naturalness and ethics.

What sets EVE Vegan apart is its commitment to rigorous standards. Unlike other certifications, EVE Vegan® requires regular visits to production plants and a complete documentation file for each certified product. This draconian approach guarantees consumers total transparency and unwavering confidence in products bearing the EVE Vegan® certification mark. Despite the constraints of audits and documentary monitoring, over 500 brands and factories have now taken the plunge.

A rapidly expanding market

The latest figures from the K-Beauty market reveal exponential growth, confirming its status as a world leader in the cosmetics industry. In 2023, exports of Korean beauty products reached a new record, exceeding US$8 billion, according to figures from the Korea International Trade Association. This remarkable performance confirms the growing global appeal of Korean beauty products, propelled by their innovation, quality and unique aesthetics.

In this flourishing context, the partnership between EVE Vegan® and the Korean cosmetics industry has taken on crucial importance. By offering top-quality vegan certification, EVE Vegan® has opened new doors for K-Beauty brands, enabling them to meet the growing demand from ethically-conscious consumers and open the doors to the European market, which is more familiar with products bearing the vegan claim.

Some K-beauty brands with EVE Vegan® certified products:

TonyMoly: Known for its original and often whimsical packaging, TonyMoly offers a wide range of beauty products, from skincare to make-up, that attract the attention of K-Beauty fans looking for fun and effective products.

Lemiu: Lemiu is a Korean make-up range that matches your mood, based on a natural formulation. Many colours are available to match every ray of sunshine and make your beauty shine every day.

make p:rem : Make P:rem is a South Korean skincare brand focused on creating simple yet effective products. Their philosophy is based on the idea of “Minimum + Practical + Remedy”, hence the name Make P:rem.

Today, EVE Vegan® is the leading vegan certification brand in the Korean cosmetics industry. This leading position is not only a victory for the certification body itself, but also for all those who aspire to a future where beauty goes hand in hand with responsibility. It is also large-scale proof that the standard is compatible with industrial reality.