EVE Vegan® certification featured in UK magazine Food & Drinks Matters

Food & Drinks Matters Vegan

We are delighted to announce the publication of an article on EVE Vegan® in the UK magazine Food & Drinks Matters.

Food & Drinks Matters is a leading magazine dedicated to the UK food and drink industry. With an international reach and an unwavering commitment to innovation & trends, the magazine is an invaluable resource for industry professionals, culinary innovators and food enthusiasts around the world.

“We are circulated to decision makers involved in the UK’s food and drink markets. Each edition updates readers with current trends and developments, as well as new products and services launched into the marketplace. This makes Food & Drink Matters an excellent reference tool.”

Food & Drinks Matters article about EVE Vegan
Food & Drinks Matters

In the UK, the market for vegan alternatives is booming, reflecting a growing demand for sustainable and ethical food options. From established brands to innovative start-ups, a diverse range of vegan products, from meat substitutes to animal-free dairy products, are invading supermarket shelves and attracting the attention of health- and environmentally-conscious consumers.