Contract Manufacturing & Formulation : Vegan certification for your development

Market for certified vegan cosmetics for contract manufacturers

Do you manufacture finished or semi-finished cosmetic or food products under white label? As a contractor or OEM, you have several levers to differentiate yourself from the competition and capture and retain your customers, recognized brands, or future brands, mass market or niche.

You highlight the quality of your manufacturing, your capacity for innovation, your sense of customer service, your responsiveness, your competitiveness, the uniqueness of your know-how. But have you thought about the vegan certification of your factory?

Vegan certification of your plant: a competitive advantage in a rapidly growing market

The vegan market is developing at an exponential rate since the most serious firms forecast a growth of the market from 29.4 billion dollars in 2020 to 162 billion dollars in 2030. All brands, cosmetic, food or textile are developing their certified vegan range in order to respond to a societal trend, a more responsible consumption and more respectful of the environment and the animal world.

How to get your factory certified with EVE Vegan®?

EVE Vegan® is an international certification mark present in more than 21 countries, with a certification system that is both demanding and a guarantee of seriousness and quality, but also easy and quick to implement because we guide you through the process.

Certification of your plant requires a documentary analysis of your white-label formulas by our experts, coupled with an audit of your production site by experienced auditors. The average time to certification is three months. If you are already committed to other quality certifications such as ORGANIC or COSMOS ORGANIC, then you already have a quality management system (QMS) that will meet most of the criteria expected by the EVE Vegan® certification.

Factory certification project applies to any kind of activity related to the manufacturing and packaging of products intended to carry the vegan certification:

  • Contract manufacturing of cosmetics, make-up, perfumery, hygiene products…
  • Contract manufacturing of food products, finished or semi-finished…
  • Contract manufacturing of food supplements and medical devices…
  • Contract manufacturing of textiles and fashion accessories, finished or semi-finished…
  • Packaging, decorations and finishing…

I have obtained my certification: How to use it?

Communicate your approach! Display your certification on your website and on your brochures. Let all your customers and prospects know that your factory, your organization, your means of production are fully approved by an official body, and that you are ready to accompany them towards vegan certification. You are the partner who has the know-how to produce according to the required criteria, and as a result, your customers will have much lower costs and shorter certification times.

A company that innovates on a social level, on the respect of the environment, a company committed to CSR, that offers a differentiating service to its customers and that makes their lives easier. That’s what being certified EVE Vegan® is all about. So why not you?