Discover the new EVE Vegan® video on YouTube

EVE Vegan official vidéo 2021

We are pleased to present our new video presentation of the EVE Vegan® certification mark. It embodies our values and our strength: defending consumers and defending the animal world. Created to satisfy the curious and convince the most novice in the field of vegan alternatives, you will find a summary of our certification activity and the reasons why it is a powerful tool for change for everyone.

Braving obstacles together and moving forward to reach new heights: You trusted us, you supported us. There was nothing more precious for such an ambitious project. We hope to continue to collaborate with all of you and continue to grow.

Our mascot

You’ll probably have spotted our little mascot in our communications: Eve the little female corgi! This mascot embodies the image of the animal for which the majority of humans feel compassion, yet which remains in its current place as a pet and often commercially exploited. We want all animals to be loved and protected in the future, just like Eve the corgi. Ending speciesism is the aim of the vegan movement.

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