A certification mark

The EVE VEGAN® certification mark is a voluntary process recognised worldwide by those who are looking for products that are guaranteed to be free from ingredients of animal origin and not tested on animals.

Present on the packaging of products sold in shops, the EVE VEGAN® mark guarantees that the product has been checked by Expertise Végane Europe according to a certification procedure which includes at least a documentary file and an audit of the production area. 

A mark of transparency

Use your EVE VEGAN® certificate to successfully reach customers who are committed to new consumption patterns. Vegan certification is increasingly the basis for demands from both retail and speciality shops.

The EVE VEGAN® certification mark is valid worldwide. The procedure applies to all raw, semi-finished and finished products and for all activities that wish to claim their animal-free and cruelty-free quality.

An opportunity

The EVE VEGAN® certification mark allows food, cosmetic or textile companies to obtain a Product or Factory certificate and to take advantage of a new attractive market, even for those who do not work exclusively in this field.

For manufacturers and white labels, obtaining a Factory Certificate makes it easier for their clients to access the EVE VEGAN® certification mark. Because of their prior commitment to the certification procedure, the process of obtaining the certification can be accelerated and facilitated.

Food products, beverages and food supplements.

Cosmetics, perfumery, make-up and hygiene products.

Textile articles, fashion accessories, bags and luggage.

Certification procedure

The EVE VEGAN® certification procedure requires a regular control of documents, production conditions and the quality management system of each company wishing to obtain the certification mark. We provide our documentation (Technical Referencial, Certification Procedure) on request.

Step 1 – Request for quotation / Contract
Step 2 – Documentary assessment
Step 3 – Quality management audit
Step 4 – Report review / Certification
Step 5 – Monitoring