Our legitimacy

Expertise Végane Europe and the EVE VEGAN® certification mark were created in 2016 by Hélène Modrzejewski, founder of the Vegan France association, vegan activist and specialist in the vegan market since 2011. All decisions taken regarding the development of the brand and eligibility criteria are made by Ms Modrzejewski and her team, in relation to her expertise in this field. Today Expertise Végane Europe is the only French company in this field.

"Investing in our certification is a lasting commitment because it guarantees your business relationships with all those who develop animal-free trade."

The EVE VEGAN® certification standard is developed in accordance with the criteria approved by the main vegan associations in Europe to meet the need for fair and legitimate certification. The EVE VEGAN® certification procedure is also now based on the objectives of certification according to the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17065.

A team of experts

Our certification officers are experts in their area and are responsible for examining applications and analysing formulas and raw materials.

Our auditors are experienced in conducting quality audits and are also experts in one or more areas of activity. They are responsible for verifying compliance with the certification criteria in the workplace.

For a maximum guarantee, we also collaborate with analysis laboratories allowing the follow-up and monitoring of the conformity of certified products and companies on a long-term basis.

Our Partners

Expertise Végane Europe is developing its international network thanks to technical partners, financial partners and public organisations. We warmly thank them for their support and collaboration.

Our Sponsors