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An expert team

EVE Vegan® certification body is made up of experts and specialists in their industry field. Our administrative and technical members are committed to providing an efficient service for the benefit of a certification mark with real added value. Excellence and commitment are part of our quality policy and our DNA.

certification officer
Certification Officer

Our certification officers are experts in their field and are in charge of examining applications and analysing formulas and raw materials. They assist certified operators in the registration process.

vegan auditors
Qualified Auditors

Our auditors are experienced in conducting quality audits and are also experts in one or more fields of activity. They are responsible for verifying compliance with the certification criteria in the field.

vegan laboratory testing
Monitoring Officers

For maximum assurance, our certification programme includes surveillance campaigns to monitor the compliance of certified products and processes over time.

sales team
Sales Team

Our commercial team is in charge of assessing the admissibility of your certification project and drawing up quotations. The team remains attentive to your needs and assists you in understanding the certification process.

marketing team
Marketing Team

Our marketing team is responsible for communicating about certified products and companies. They are also responsible for developing materials that help you leverage the certification mark for maximum benefit.

The Founder

The Expertise Végane Europe certification body and the EVE Vegan® certification mark were created by Hélène Modrzejewski, a French vegan activist. All decisions made regarding the development of the brand and eligibility criteria are handled by Ms Modrzejewski and her team, in relation to her unique expertise in this field. Today, Expertise Végane Europe is the only French player in the vegan certification market, and its standard is recognised as one of the most demanding in its category.

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Our international partners

EVE Vegan® is also developing its international network through accredited audit partners in different parts of the world. They meet the same standards of requirements and help facilitate the process by being close to you.
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EVE Vegan® not only has a motivating and exciting mission, but also provides its staff with many opportunities. Find out more about our recruitment opportunities.


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The EVE Vegan® certification mark is a certification program mastered by Expertise Vegan Europe (EVE) whose objective is to evaluate the conformity of products and processes according to the criteria established in the EVE Vegan® standards of conformity. The objective is to guarantee compliance over time with the minimum requirements for the use of the vegan claim on products or services. By signing up with the EVE Vegan® certification mark, you agree to comply with the certification procedure and the criteria of the standard throughout the duration of the certification.

The rules of manufacturing and good industrial practices relating to vegan products are detailed in the compliance referential and are subject to control procedures by Expertise Vegan Europe, an independent organization developed in accordance with the international standards of the certification bodies. The duration of the certification of the products is 18 months, renewable, and all the verification operations are repeated at the end of each certification cycle. For more information please refer to our documentation.