The EVE VEGAN label

Expertise Vegane Europe, better known under the label EVE VEGAN® (registered trademark), is an international control and labelling body dedicated to vegan products and services. The office operates in the field to ensure compliance with the criteria and issues certificates and attestations of conformity relating to the activity of operators. In the same way, it embodies a powerful and effective tool for identifying and promoting animal-friendly products.

For all your products: Raw materials, food products and supplements, cosmetics, textiles, fashion accessories, medical devices…

Strict and demanding control

Unlike other labels, we operate in the field and around the world to ensure unannounced audits and controls at our operators’ premises.

Our organization complies with the same standards as official certification bodies with respect to the competence, consistency of activities and impartiality requirements of product, process and service certification bodies.

We are recognized as one of the most demanding labels in our field. Find out more about our history: Learn more

The advantages of certification

The EVE VEGAN label is a transparency marker that attests to the control of the product or service by an independent third party organization. It is therefore a real opportunity to promote your products to ethical consumers, whose number is constantly increasing.


Highlighting our label on your packaging and other media reinforces the promotion of your products at national, and even international level.


The guarantees offered by the label make it easier for you to access specialised stores and retailers that require certified products.


The label is easily identifiable by consumers looking for ethical and certified vegan products.

Internet presence

The label offers permanent indexation on our website and the possibility to be promoted by our partners.

Different levels of compliance

Until now, traditional vegan certification has provided a guarantee that the certified product does not include ingredients of animal origin (including additives and processing aids) and that it has not involved tests on live animals (including the finished product and ingredients).

However, ingredients of plant origin may still have involved the use of products of animal origin for their agricultural production. This is why we have developed a certification with two levels of compliance to highlight vegan products “from field to fork”.

The EVE VEGAN 01 code is reserved for products certified vegan for their composition without animal origin and compliance with the other criteria of our specifications.

The EVE VEGAN 02 code is reserved for certified vegan products “from the field to the store”. Learn more about vegan agriculture.

Registration procedure

The EVE VEGAN label is awarded on the basis of an 18-month cycle. It leads, where applicable, to the initial allocation and subsequent maintenance under surveillance of the certificate of conformity authorising you to produce and place on the market products referring to the label.

Find more details in our downloadable documentation below.

Step 1 – Request
Step 2 – Quotation
Step 3 – Commitment
Step 4 – Evaluation / Expertise
Step 5 – Audit / Inspection
Step 6 – Review of the report / Certification decision
Step 7 – Monitoring