Veganism, a fashion or a real evolution of our civilization?

The vegan movement is embodied in men and women through the refusal to use and finance products from animal exploitation. More broadly, it represents a movement in society’s evolution towards more responsible consumption towards the animal kingdom and the environment.

People looking for non-animal products have different profiles and motivations. At a time when a growing number of consumers are concerned about ethical and environmental issues, this market is becoming increasingly attractive: Vegan certification is a remarkable attraction for producers, even for those who do not work exclusively in the field of vegan food.

What is the purpose of EVE VEGAN® certification?

EVE VEGAN® is an official voluntary label (registered trademark) recognized worldwide by those who are looking for guaranteed products without ingredients of animal origin. Present on the packaging of food sold in trade, the EVE VEGAN® label guarantees that the product is free of ingredients of animal origin (products from breeding, slaughter, hunting and fishing) and not tested on live animals. The method, manufacturing conditions and packaging are also subject to controls prior to certification.

EVE VEGAN® certified products have consumer confidence. The investment in our certification is a lasting commitment because it guarantees your business relations with all those who develop a trade without animal exploitation.

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The advantages of EVE VEGAN® certification

Use the EVE VEGAN® certificate to successfully access a customer base that is committed to new consumption patterns. The Vegan criteria are more and more often at the base of the requests of the stores of the large distribution. The EVE VEGAN® certification is a marker of transparency which attests the control by a legitimate and independent organization.

Issued for any type of company, the exploitation contract authorizes the marketing of products carrying the EVE VEGAN® logo throughout the world.

  • Unlimited use of the EVE VEGAN® logo on authorized products and communication supports (website, flyer…).
  • The guarantees of the EVE VEGAN® certification facilitate the access to distributors and specialised shops.
  • Consumers have more confidence in a product with official certification than in a product with unofficial “vegan” labelling.
  • Inclusion of your products in our online database (Catalogue).

What is the difference with organic certification?

These two certifications are different. An organic product meets the European specifications for organic farming (cultivation without pesticides, GMOs, etc…). This certification in no way guarantees the absence of products of animal origin. An EVE VEGAN® product does not have the obligation to hold an ORGANIC certification and can be resulting from chemical synthesis.

Geographical validity of the certification

The EVE VEGAN® certification is valid worldwide. Our standard applies to all raw, semi-finished and finished products and for all activities that wish to assert their quality without animal origin and cruelty. We are known to be the most reliable standard in its class.

Duration of certification

The EVE VEGAN® certification is awarded for 18 months. It leads, if necessary, to the initial granting of the conformity certificate and then to the maintenance of surveillance authorising you to produce and place products on the market which refer to the label.

The EVE VEGAN® certification procedure in 5 steps

The EVE VEGAN® certification imposes a field control of the production conditions at the companies that take this step.

  • Step 1 – Application / Certification contract
  • Step 2 – Evaluation / Product expertise
  • Step 3 – Production audit
  • Step 4 – Report Review / Certification
  • Step 5 – Monitoring

The different levels of compliance

Certification for contract manufacturer

Contract manufacturers who do not market products directly can also claim conformity of their products by obtaining a EVE VEGAN®  agreement. This approval makes it easier for their customers to obtain EVE VEGAN® certification.

Certification for agricultural products

EVE VEGAN® proposes the vegan agriculture certification, a superior level of traceability allowing to emphasize the vegan products which are vegan “from the field to the plate”, a complete traceability thanks to the official agricultural standard of the vegan farming.

Compliance codes

The EVE VEGAN® certification system helps to organise, as it is developed, a complete traceability allowing to eliminate products with a link with the animal exploitation from their origin. As soon as a product undergoes further processing or a modification of its composition occurs, a control is necessary.

  • Product of class EVE VEGAN 01: Product free of animal substances, not been tested on animals,  with no technical agents of animal origin.
  • Product class EVE VEGAN 02 : Product free of animal substances, not been tested on animals,  with no technical agents of animal origin and 95% of which come from certified vegan agriculture.
  • Approved Service class EVE VEGAN 03 : Production workshop in accordance with the EVE VEGAN® standard.

Duration of the EVE VEGAN® certification process

We endeavour to study any new request within 7 working days and we ensure a certification within 8 weeks subject to obtaining the requested documents within the time limit and the availability of our auditors in the requested geographical area.

The price of the EVE VEGAN® certification

The certification costs include documentary expertise, application fees and audit costs (travel of an expert). The price is variable according to the type of activity, the number of raw materials to be controlled and the place and duration of the audit required: a preliminary interview is necessary to establish a quotation. In contrast to other bodies or certification, no royalties on sales made with the EVE VEGAN® label have to be paid.

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