EVE VEGAN®, the future is vegan

We all want to be free to choose the products that correspond to our values. Consumers have the right to be informed in a transparent manner about the presence or use of ingredients of animal origin in a product. At a time when more and more consumers are concerned about ethical and environmental issues, the vegan market is becoming more and more attractive but remains unregulated.

At Expertise Vegan Europe we have a dream, that of helping to build a civilisation and a way of consuming that is more responsible towards animals. Our organisation and our certification system help to resolve the lack of transparency and information to make a conscious choice.

EVE VEGAN® standard was launched to meet this new need. We bring the necessary guarantees, a long-term vision, a deep and structural commitment to all our operators. It is also a powerful tool of influence since we act at the heart of the industry, we can guide companies in their future choices, always in favour of the respect of animals.

We are convinced that veganism will be one of the essential values of tomorrow’s society. This is what we stand for for the future of everyone. To choose EVE VEGAN® certified products or certification is to make a strong gesture towards the future and to join the people who want to live in agreement with our planet.

A standards-compliant certification body

Today, our demanding quality approach satisfies a certification objective in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17065. Our internal policy of competence, independence and impartiality thus contributes to consolidating our mastery of the evaluation operations of certified companies and candidates for certification in order to guarantee compliance with the criteria.

The certification process involves various experts such as Certification Officers and Auditors who are specialists in their field.

A service of the Vegan France association

The international standard EVE VEGAN® was founded by the association Vegan France which works for the economic development of vegan alternatives in France.