A specialized compliance office

The objective of Expertise Vegane Europe organisation is to check in the field that the requirements defined in its private reference system are met. It issues certificates certifying the conformity of products and services.

The company also respects the international criteria of independence and impartiality of the certifying bodies in order to embody a serious and reliable organisation.

Consequently, it makes it possible to respond to the absence of a legal regulation and to ensure greater transparency for consumers. Its activity with professionals also makes it possible to organize fair competition and the protection of the Vegan claim.

Activities and objectives

To ensure this mission, EVE develops human and technical resources to ensure an efficient service that complies with international standards.


Control of products and raw materials, random audits and controls, laboratory tests.


A demanding documentary procedure to ensuring real guarantees for consumers.


Development of our international services, standardize communication throughout the world.

Embodying progress and transparency

Expertise Vegane Europe was founded by vegans, founding members of the association VEGAN FRANCE INTERPRO (French association for the economic development and promotion of vegan alternatives).

Since its inception, the organization’s mission has been to embody a serious and reliable certification system in order to offer consumers the assurance of consuming products that are truly more animal-friendly.

We support a sanctuary

Part of our profits are donated to animal protection programs. We are currently a partner of the animal sanctuary PONDATION DE FELICIE.

It is a non-profit association whose mission is to organise the rescue and placement in foster families of laying hens from agricultural breeding.

They support us...

EVE is a company supported by the start-up incubator THE PLACE and is the winner of the FEMIN’INITIATIVES 2018 “Dynamic Economic and Social Prize” awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eure et Loir.

More about us...

Our vegan partners

EVE is a partner with other organizations in the development of veganism and ecological and ethical alternatives.