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Committed from the beginning to the implementation of a vegan traceability from the field to the plate, the EVE Vegan® certification body proposes to validate your list of agricultural inputs. Vegan agriculture embodies a sustainable agriculture that excludes phytosanitary products of animal origin, livestock or breeding, fertilisers from animal excrement and the remains of slaughterhouses (horns, blood, feathers, bones, etc.). This method of production is based on the permanent enrichment of the soil through the maintenance of its organic plant matter and the maintenance of a high level of bionutrition.

Any farm whose entire production is vegan, with no animal husbandry and no intentional use of animal inputs, can apply to be assessed and, where appropriate, qualify for vegan farming certification. You can also apply for certification for your processed agricultural products.

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The EVE Vegan® certification mark is a certification program mastered by Expertise Vegan Europe (EVE) whose objective is to evaluate the conformity of products and processes according to the criteria established in the EVE Vegan® standards of conformity. The objective is to guarantee compliance over time with the minimum requirements for the use of the vegan claim on products or services. By signing up with the EVE Vegan® certification mark, you agree to comply with the certification procedure and the criteria of the standard throughout the duration of the certification.

The rules of manufacturing and good industrial practices relating to vegan products are detailed in the compliance referential and are subject to control procedures by Expertise Vegan Europe, an independent organization developed in accordance with the international standards of the certification bodies. The duration of the certification of the products is 18 months, renewable, and all the verification operations are repeated at the end of each certification cycle. For more information please refer to our documentation.