Become EVE VEGAN® approved service partner

EVE VEGAN® enables service or contract manufacturing companies to obtain an approval certificate for the production of vegan products (food and non-food). The approval proves the conformity of the offered services with the EVE VEGAN® label. It is an excellent opportunity to guarantee the good practices that allow to meet the requirements of the certification, while preserving the flexibility necessary for their sector of activity (frequent change of formulation for example).

For processors, the approval allows their customers to access EVE VEGAN® certification more easily with preferential conditions. The approval, like the certification, requires compliance with the specifications and regular monitoring of the activity.

How do I get approval?

Here are the steps, similar to product certification. For more details on the EVE VEGAN® certification in general, click here.

Step 1 – Inquiry
Step 2 – Quotation
Step 3 – Commitment
Step 4 – Evaluation / Expertise
Step 5 – Audit
Step 6 – Report review / Certification decision
Step 7 – Monitoring

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