Paperless approach: dematerialisation of EVE VEGAN® certificates

To meet the need for a responsible company, our paperless approach requires us to adopt a new dematerialisation system for all our printed materials. From now on, all EVE VEGAN® certificates are electronic, and for you it is also more convenient and faster!

Because we have to set an example, our CSR / Zero paper approach has enabled us to develop our communication tools and supports. Always protected by a security code, you will now receive your certificates of vegan conformity only by electronic means. It also means less mail, faster service and therefore a reduced carbon footprint for the whole company. In addition, so as not to use the storage resources of traditional messaging systems, all our documents are delivered to you with a private secure drop box that does not store documents for more than three weeks and does not require you to load them into your messaging system. We hope that these new features will bring you satisfaction.